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The engineering students at Tel Aviv University are already used to hearing unusual sounds from the shelter on the entrance floor every Thursday evening. There, between the classrooms and the labs, there is a large orchestra of about seventy players. This is the TAU Wind Band, which has been functioning on campus since 2007.

The orchestra was established to be a musical home for students at Tel Aviv University. Its members are musicians from a variety of faculties: medicine, exact sciences, social sciences, humanities, and others. Our repertoire consists of both classical and contemporary music, which we perform in concerts on campus and all around the country.

The orchestra operations as a non-profit organization with the support of the Student Union. All incomes from concerts are intended to finance ongoing activities.

Founder and first manager

Yaron Karmi

Uri Reisner

Saar Ben-Shamai
Management team

Ori Dagan, Adi Lichtenstein, Ella Lion, and Hadas Yeverechyahu

Tel Aviv University students who play wind instruments or percussion are welcome to apply to the orchestra.